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Seminar In Paradise




Christmas Week 2017


7-Night Western Caribbean Cruise
Saturday - Saturday
Dec. 23 - Dec. 30, 2017



Presented by
Clifton Georgaklis, D.M.D.

16 CE Credits

course given on days at sea

The objective of the course is to encourage participants to begin performing 6 month adult orthodontics on simple cases when they return to their office.


Topics you will learn:

  •          Understand the rationale behind Chief Complaint Treatment

  •          Understand cases to treat and not treat with Chief Complaint 6-Month

  •          Gain an introduction into lingual treatment

  •          The role of splinting with Chief Complaint Treatment

  •          Learn how it can be used to correct severe crowding, Class II, III,
              open-bites, cross bites and scissor bites.

  •          Anterior finishing and reshaping teeth to Golden proportion widths
              using line angle manipulations and gingival recontouring

  •          Invisalign and Invisible braces are also discussed, as well as their

  •         Understanding how to market and how to grow a niche
              practice based solely on this unique service.

  •         Step by step treatment

  •         Patient management procedures that can be used everyday

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    Six month adult esthetic orthodontics has evolved through a combination of creative problem solving, sound fundamental principles, and 21st century materials, technology, research, and techniques.  It focuses on what is essential in esthetics and occlusion and is well grounded in the literature.  This is a clinical oriented course Dr. Georgaklis will show you step by step in simplified fashion how to diagnose, problem solve, and treatment plan an adult orthodontic case in 6 months, as well as the patient management and marketing aspects of this unique service.  The objective of the course is to encourage participants to begin performing 6 month adult orthodontics on simple cases when they return to their office.  Both the veteran and novice will gain valuable exposure to a simple new technique and treatment philosophy which is now becoming popular.  Even lingual treatment is made vastly more manageable because the technique is so simplified with not molar translations.


    90% of Dr. Georgaklis’ adult esthetic orthodontic cases are completed in 6 – 7 months through anterior cosmetic correction and limited bite change.  These include difficult cases such as Class II and III, open bites, scissor bites, and cross bites.


    Orthopedic expansion based treatment used for children and frequently for adults has been proven to be unstable in non-growing patients and most adult patients do not need or want comprehensive bite changing orthodontics.  This is a valuable opportunity to learn about the research, philosophy and materials which make this exciting new technique possible and stable, and develop an area of you practice that is fun and exciting.


    It is taught by a clinician who has over 19 years experience performing this technique and has taught thousands of others how to implement chief complaint adult orthodontics into their patient.  No longer do adult patients have to choose between aggressively bonding or crowning front teeth or 2+ years of comprehensive orthodontics.  Six month adult Chief complaint treatment is the only targeted alternative that addresses anterior dental esthetics while not involving lengthy and complex molar movements or destroying healthy teeth through crowns or veneers.


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AGD Codes:

                   Ortho (370)                  -   8 hours
                   Esthetics (780)             -   4  "
                   Multidisciplinary (149) -  4 "  


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Clifton Georgaklis, D.M.D.
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Partial CV:

Dr. Clifton Georgaklis originated and has promoted the concept of 6-month adult esthetic orthodontics in his Boston practice since 1991.  This niche practice focuses on the adult esthetic orthodontic patient and the adjunctive esthetic and restorative services.

A Yale & University of Connecticut graduate, he has been teaching and publishing his technique since 1999 and along with Dr. Jack Sheridan began the movement for Esthetic Chief Complaint treatment. 


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                                     16 CE Credit



     Approved PACE Program Provider                                      

     FAGD/MAGD Credit

     Approval does not imply acceptance
     by a state or provincial board of

     dentistry or AGD endorsement.

     6/1/2017 to 5/31/2023
                               Provider ID# 217949


Seminar: There is a $100 cancellation penalty for any course when made greater than 3 weeks prior to the seminar. If a

If a cancellation is made within the 3 weeks prior to the course, no refund will be granted.