"All You Need to Know for Successful Implant Treatment"


1.  Implant Restorative Treatment Planning: a quick overview

a.  Proper treatment planning based on the restorative goal

b.  Treatment planning to avoid complications

2.  Impression Techniques : Which & Why

a.     Open vs Closed tray technique: when to use each for a more accurate model/restoration

3.  Endodontics vs. Implants: Which to Choose?

a.     When will a tooth be a better restoration than an implant?

b.    When is a tooth considered hopeless and endo is no longer an option?

4.  Abutment Selection??: Which one to Choose?

a.  Custom or Prefabricated, Ceramic or Titanium, Milled or CAD/CAM…which one to choose for optimum treatment?

5.  The Role of Digital Dentistry in Implant Therapy

            a. The use of digitial dentistry to simplify implant treatment

              b. How accurate is DD compared to conventional treatment

6.  Immediate Loading: Advantages of Provisionalization & Soft Tissue Management

a.     Immediate vs delayed which is better for soft tissue management

b.    Architecting the soft tissue with a provisional restoration

c.     Esthetics based on soft tissue type and management:

Attached tissue management, Soft tissue contours, Gingival recession, Papilla development


7.  Biomechanics & Occlusion in Implant Dentistry: Have things changed??

a.     How fast can an implant be loaded

b.    What is the proper occlusal scheme

c.     Inaccurate positioning of implants leads to overloaded bone?

8.  Fixed Vs. Removable Implant Supported Restorations: Issues to Avoid Complications

a.       Best Fixed Restorations with minimal complications

b.      Minimum number for a Fixed Restoration

c.       Value of implant-supported overdentures

d.      Implant –supported vs implant retained overdentures

9.  Implant Complications: Salvageable, Ailing or Failing?

a.       Implant is loose or is falling out

b.      Overloading: when impatience leads to overload

c.       Implant infection or Peri-implantitis

d.      Restorative complications:  Crown does not fit

Multi-unit mal-relationship

Broken screw

Crown margin supragingival

Poor crown contours

e.     Surgical Complications:      Loose, unstable implant

                                             Soft tissue recession

                                                               Infection with exudates

                                                               Bone fracture

                                                              Membrane exposed

   f. Functional Complications:  Peri-implantitis

Pain on chewing

Periodic screw loosening

Loose abutments