S. Shankar Iyer D.D.S.,M.D.S.FDSRCPS(Glasgow)

815 Salem Avenue

Elizabeth, NJ 07208

Tel: 908-527 8880








1999 - 2002                  :Certificate in Graduate Prosthodontics

                                      Advanced Education in Prosthodontics and Occlusion 

                                      New York University College of Dentistry, NY


1992 - 1994                  :Doctor of Dental Surgery

                                      New York University, New York


1988 - 1990                  :Master of Dental Surgery

                                      (Prosthetic Dentistry) Bombay, India


1983 - 1987                  :Bachelor of Dental Surgery

                                      Annamalai University, India


Current Positions:


Immediate Past President , American Academy of Implant Dentistry

Course Director: Implant Mini-Residency, New Jersey

President: Smile USAR, Center for Reconstructive Dentistry, New Jersey

Director: Jersey Smiles, New Jersey

Director: Malo Smile USA, Rutherford, NJ

Director: The Center for Educational Excellence, New Jersey

Course Director: AAID – Implant MaxicourseR, Asia ( Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Bangalore, Kuwait, and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

Co-Director AAID – Implant Maxicourses – Las Vegas, New Jersey, Egypt, Malta

Editorial Board – Journal of Oral Implantology

Program Chair – 2019 AAID Annual Meeting

Editor-in-Chief – International Journal of Clinical Implant Dentistry

Clinical Asst. professor: Implant Fellowship program, UMDNJ, New Jersey

Clinical Asst. Professor - Department of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry, UMDNJ

Hon. Visiting Faculty: Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, New Delhi, India

Visiting Faculty: PG Prosthodontics, New York Univeristy, New York

Course Director: Implant Mini Residency – Kandy, Sri Lanka

Course Director: Implant Mini Residency – Penang, Malaysia








Present                          Clinical Assistant Professor,

                                      Departments of Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Clinical Asst. Professor:

                                      Implant Fellowship Program

                                      School of Dental Medicine, Rutgers University, Newark, NJ


2002 – 2009                Clinical Asst Professor

                                      Advanced Education in Prosthodontics

                                      NYU College of Dentistry, NY


1995 - Present:              Practice Limited to Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry - Licensed in NY and NJ


Jun 97 - Aug 99            Clinical Instructor

                                      Comprehensive Care and Applied Practice Administration, NYUCD        


1987 - 1988                  General Practice Residency, Chennai, India


Committees Served in the AAID:





Research Foundation





Research Activities


Present                                    Questionnaire To Evaluate Association Of Long- Term Oral Bisphosphonate Therapy And Delayed Implant Failure

                                                Rutgers School of Dental Medicine – co-investigator


2003 – 2009                            Detection of Radiolucencies around Endodontically TreatedTeeth on Routine CT Scans


1991 - 1992:                            Review of Current Methods of Implant Interface                             Treatment Programs - USIID, New York



1988 - 1990                             :Master’s Thesis on “Bone and Heat Generation due to drill speeds and its influence on the development of implant interfaces” – University of Bombay


Honors, Awards and Fellowships:

2019                              :          “NJ Top Dentists” – Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry

                                                NJ Monthly - Top Prosthodontist

2018                              :          “Trailblazer Award” AAID

NJ Top Dentists

                                      :          NJ Monthly Top Prosthodontist

2017                              :          “Sushrutha Award” Highest award of Indian dental Association for an NRI for contributions to Denstistry

2017                              :          America’s Top Dentist (Consumer Research Council)

2016,                             :          NJ’s Top Prosthodontist

2015                              :          America’s Top Dentists (Consumer Reseach Council)

2015                              :          NJ’s top Prosthodontist

2014                              :          America’s Top Dentists

2013                              :          America’s Top Dentists

2013                              :          Fellow Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

                                                Glasgow, UK

2010                              :          Fellow – Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontics

2009                              :          America’s Top Dentists

2009                              :          Orator – Sri Lankan Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

2008                              :          “Who’s Who – American Heritage Directory”

2007                              :          “International Dentist of the Year” AAID

2006                              :          Honored Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry

2005-2006                               “America’s Top Dentists”

2005                              :          Fellow,International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics

2004                                        Diplomat –  American Board of Oral Implantology

2002                              :          Recipient of the Kenneth Adisman Award–

                                                For Outstanding performance in AEPP, NYU

2001                              :          Recipient of the Litvak Fellowship Award, NYU

2000                              :          “Fellow” American Academy of Implant Dentistry

1997                              :          “Associate Fellow”

                                                American Academy of Implant Dentistry     

1994                              :          American Equilibration Society Award, New York

                                                Bernard Rudner Memorial Award, CCAPA,             NYUCD

                                                Dean’ List, NYUCD, New York

1993 - 1994                  :          Fixed Honors Program, NYUCD

1993 - 1994                  :          CCAPA Honors Program

1991 – 1992                  :          Fellow, US Institute of Implant Dentistry,New York

1987                              :          Ciba Geigy Gold Medal in Periodontics, India

1987                              :          Silver Medalist, combined overall performance during the 4 year Dental Program

                                                Annamalai University, India


Lectures, Presentations and Courses Conducted –


April 30, 2019              : “Full Arch Fixed Implant Prosthetic Determinants”

                                                NY ACP keynote speaker – Union League Club NYC


April 13,14 2019          : Prosthetic sequencing and advanced implant considerations

                                      Roseman University Implant Continuum, South Jordan Utah


March 24, 2019            : “Quadrant Arch Restorative Sequence”

                                        Rutgers Maxicourse, Newark, NJ


March 19, 2019            : “Predictable Immediate Placement techniques”

                                        AGD webinar


March 7, 2019              : “Stage II considerations in Implant Dentistry”

                                       Abu Dhabi Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi


March 4 – 6, 2019        : Clinical training – live surgical session

                                        Maxicourse Bengaluru, India


March 2, 2019              : “Management of Failures in Implant Dentistry”

                                        5th Global conference of AAID, New Delhi, India


February 7, 2019          : “Fixed Prosthetic Determinants”

                                         “Immediate placement techniques”

                                       Star of the South – Annual meeting – Houston Tx.


January 28 – 30            : “Comprehensive Implant Treatment and Sequencing”

                                        Mini Residency Program, Kandy, Sri Lanka


Jan 25 – 27                   : Live surgical training – Clinical sessions

                                        Abu Dhabi Maxicouse, Ajman University, UAE


Jan 22 – 24                   : Advanced implant consideration and Occlusal principles in Implant dentistry – Maxicourse Bengaluru, India


Jan 11 – 12                   : Live clinical training program

                                       Roseman Implant Continuum, South Jordan, Utah


December 14, 15          : Review of Surgical Principles and Pre surgical Prosthetics

                                      Roseman Implant Continuum, South Jordan, Utah


November 28, 2018      : “Hands on Block Grafting Techniques”

                                       Greater NY Dental meeting, NYC


Nov 17, 2018                : “Surgical Strategies for Ideal Prosthetic Outcomes”

                                        Keynote presentation at the 46th Indian Prosthodontic Conference, Mangalore, India


Nov 16, 2018                : “Full Mouth rehabilitation Simplified”

                                        Workshop – Limited Attendance

                                      46th IPS Conference, Mangalore, India


Nov 12, 2018              :  “Abutment Choices – Cement Vs.Screw Retained”

                                      BWS Study Club, New City, New York


Nov 11, 2018              : “Immediate placement and Implant Surgical Protocols”

                                      9th Annual AAID Maxicourse, Rutgers University, Newark


Nov 12, 2018              : “Differential Diagnosis and Treatment planning”

                                      Roseman University Implant Continuum, South Jordan, UTAH


Nov 11, 2018              : “Comprehensive Implant Prosthodontics and Biomechanics”

                                      1st Howard University AAID Maxicourse, WashingtonDC,


Nov 4, 2018                : “Occlusal Concepts and TMD management”

                                      Fellowship in Orofacial Pain, TMD and Dental Sleep Medicine


Nov 1 – 3, 2018          : “The Art of Diagnosis and Treatment Planning”

                                      12th AAID Asia Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi, UAE


October 27, 2018        : “ Dental Management of the Medically Complex Patients”

                                      GOPIO – Seminar at the Indian Consulate, New York, NY


October 18-19, 2018    : “Comprehensive Implant Prosthodontics and and Advanced Implant Surgical Considerations for Full Rehab

                                      Texas AAID Maxicourse, Houston, Tx


October 13-14, 2018    : “Immediate Placement, Bone grafts and Pre surgical considerations, Las Vegas AAID Maxicourse, Las Vegas


October 12, 2018          : “Advanced Implant Prosthodontics”

                                        TIMAX –Toronto Maxicourse, Toronto


October 5, 2018            : “Advanced Implant Prosthodontics and Biomechanics”

                                        Loma Linda University Maxicourse, Loma Linda, CA


September 29,2018       : “Management of Implant Complications – Short and Long Term Considerations”

                                      AAID Annual Meeting Main podium, Dallas, TX


September 23, 2018      : “Treatment Planning and Options in Implant Dentistry”

                                        New York Maxicourse, St. Barnabus Hospital, NY


September 21, 22, 2018: “The Art of Diagnosis – Treatment planning and Medical considerations in Implant Dentistry”

                                      Roseman University Implant Continuum, South Jordan, UT


September 15-16, 2018: “Introduction to Implant Dentistry – Diagnosis and Treatment planning – Treatment options”

                                      Las Vegas Maxicourse, Las Vegas, NV


September 14, 2018: “Clinical protocols and Medical considerations in Implant Dentistry”

                                      Rutgers University Maxicourse, Newark, NJ


September 5, 2018:  “Technological and Biological Advances in Implant Dentistry”

                                      FDI Conference, Buenos Aires, Argentina


April 18, 2018              :          “Management of the Terminal Dentition”

                                                Nobel Biocare – Malo Smiles Study Club, Mahwah, NJ


April 17, 2018              :          “Simple Solutions to Complex Problems”

                                                The Implant Learning Center, AAID Study Club                 Englewood Hospital


April 14, 2018              :          “Advanced Bone Grafting Techniques” – Blocks, Ridge expansion and Bone Manipulation.

                                                 New York Maxicourse, St. Barnabus Hospital, Bronx, NY


Mar 29 – April 3,2018  : “Soft Tissue Considerations and Prothetic Sequencing”

                                        Module IV: Tenth Batch AAID Asia Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi

                                       “Introduction to Implant Dentistry

                                        Module I: Eleventh Batch AAID Asia Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi


March 25- 28, 2018      :  “Surgical Implantology”

                                        Surgical Module II, AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India


March 4, 2018              :  “Immediate Placement and Bone Grafts”

                                        Rutgers AAID Maxicourse, Newark


Feb 23, 2018                 : “Biological and Technological Advances in Implant Dentistry”

                                        2nd District dental society, Staten Island, NY


Feb 5 – 7, 2018             :  “Advanced prosthodontics principles and Occlusal Principles in Implant Dentistry”

                                         14th AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India



Feb 4, 2018                   :  “Navigation and Guided Surgeries – Recent Advances in Implant Dentistry, Global Dental Implant Symposium, Bangalore, India


Feb 3, 2018                   :  “Occlusal Concepts and TMD”

                                          Review of Occlusion, TMD Fellowship program, Chennai,



Nov 12, 2017                :  “Implant Biomechanics and Implant Prosthodontics”

                                           Nova Southeastern AAID Maxicourse, Fort Lauderdale, Fl


Nov 3, 4, 2017              :  “Implant Treatment planning, Implant Biomechanics and Implant Prosthodontics”,  Toronto, AAID Maxicourse,  Toronto


October 27,28, 2017     :  “Advanced Implant Considerations”

                                          Texas AAID Maxicourse, Houston, TX


October 6, 2017            :  “Implant Biomechanics and Implant Proshthodontics”

                                        Loma Linda, Maxicourse, Loma Linda, CA


September 30,               :  “Diagnosis and Treatment planning”

                                           Las Vegas AAID maxicourse, Las Vegas


September 23, 24, 2017:  “Immediate Placement, Growth Factors and Advanced Bone grafting Techniques”

                                         Japan Maxicourse, Nagoya, Japan


September 16, 17, 2017:  “Differential Diagnosis and Comprehensive Treatment Planning principles,  New York AAID Maxicourse, Bronx, NY


June 29 – July 4th 2017:  Surgical and Prosthetic considerations for Complete Comprehensive Rehabilitation ,

                                      Norwegian Cruise Line, The Baltics


June 9, 2017                 Biomechanics and Implant Occlusion

                                      Las Vegas Maxicourse in Chicago


May 3- 5 2017              Surgical Implantology – Live clinical training program

                                      Maxicourse India, Bangalore


May 1, 2017                 Implant Prosthodontics

                                      Abu Dhabi Maxicourse, UAE


April 21, 2017              Technological and Biological Considerations for Implant Esthetics

                                      American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Main podium Lecture

                                      Las Vegas, NV


                                      Workshop on Ridge preservation and bone Management


Feb 5 -7, 2017              Fundamental Implantology – Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

                                      Egypt Maxicourse, Cairo, Egypt


Feb 2 – 4, 2017             Introduction to Implantology – Treatment Planning 

                                      Radiological Considerations and Pre surgical prosthetic planning

                                      AAID Asis Maxicourse, Bangalore


Jan 30 – Feb 1              Dental implant prosthodontics – Clinical sessions

                                      Sharjah University, Maxicourse UAE




May 27, 28, 2016         Implant Prosthodontics and Biomechanics

                                                            A Review of Contemporary Implant Dentistry

                                                            Puerto Rico Maxicourse, San Juan, PR


May 25, 2016               Algorithm for Alveolar Atrophy Management

                                                            Ridge expansion vs Block Graft

                                                            Interdisciplinary Lecture Series

                                                            Rutgers School of Dental Medicine

May19 – 22, 2016        Live Surgical Hands on Training Program

                                                            Advanced Implant surgery –

                                                             Placed 125 implants, 9 lateral approach sinus lifts, 6 crestal approach sinus lifts and 10 immediate placements

                                                            Cancun Dental Implant Center

                                                            Cancun, Mexico


May 6, 7, 2016             Implant Biomechanics and Advanced Implant Prosthodontics

                                                            Webinar – Oregon Maxicourse


April 24, 2016                         Overdentures and Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants

                                                            Biomechanical Considerations in Implant Dentistry

                                                            Rutgers Maxicourse, RSDM, Newark


April 16-17, 2016         Soft tissue considerations in Implant Dentistry

                                                            Advanced implant considerations

                                                             Las Vegas Maxicourse, Las Vegas


April 15, 2016                         Algorithm to Decide A single tooth implant vs FPD

                                                            Rutgers Biennial Symposium, Newark, NJ


April 11-13, 2016         Sinus Augmentation – Crestal approach vs Lateral Approach

                                                            Live surgical demonstration

                                                            Advanced bone grafting considerations

                                                            Implant Occlusion

                                                            Management of Failures and Complications

                                                            Penang Mini Residency Program

                                                            Penang International Dental College, Penang Malaysia


April 9,10, 2016           Live surgical Training Program – 75 implant placments

                                                            AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore India


April,8 2016                            Surgical placement Training program – 55 implants

                                                            Sharjah University, Sharjah, UAE                             

                                                            Differential diagnosis of Maxillary atrophy

April 7, 2016                           Management with Sinus grafts – Lateral and Crestal

                                                            AAID Asia Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi, UAE


April 2-3, 2016             Live Surgical Training Program – 40 implants

                                                Srilanka Mini Residency Program

                                                Post Graduate Academy of Sri Lanka, Kandy


Jan 2016                                  Esthetic Considerations in Implant Dentistry

                                                Empire State Academy of Esthetic Dentistry

                                                Nobel Biocare, Mahwah, NJ


Jan 27 – 29, 2016         Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry

                                                How to choose an implant system

                                                Radiology in Implant Dentistry

                                                Anatomical Considerations

                                                Sri Lanka Mini Residency Program, Colombo


Jan 24-26, 2016            Advanced Implant Considerations

                                                Implant Occlusion and Implant Biomechanics

                                                Full Mouth Rehabilitation

                                                Module V, 12th AAID Asia Maxicourse


Jan 22-23, 2016            The Art of Diagnosis

                                                Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry

                                                Pre Surgical evaluation of the Implant Patient

                                                Radiology and Cone Beams utilization for implant planning

                                                Module I. 13th AAID Asia Maxicourse


Jan 19-21, 2016            Basic surgical principles for Implant Dentistry

                                                Surgical Asepsis and Operatory setups for the Implant Surgeries

                                                Treatment planning and Pre Surgical assessment

                                                Live surgical training ( Sharjah University)

                                                Module II, AAID Asia Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi, UAE                    





August 14, 2015           “The Art of Diagnosis”

                                      Presentation to GPR residents, Rutgers SDM


July 19, 20, 2015          Comprehensive review of Implant Dentistry From Treatment Planning to Complications

                                     Aichi Implant Center

                                     MaxiCourse Japan,  Nagoya


July 10, 2015                           Implant Biomechanics and Prosthodontics

                                                Loma Linda University, MaxiCourse,

                                                Loma Linda, CA


June 29, 2015                          Block grafting  – Principles and Techniques



December 17, 2014      “Implant Biomechanical Failures and Complications”

                                       Perio Pros Lecture Series

                                       Rutgers University School of Dental Medicine


December 3, 2014        “Solutions for Fixed Implant Prosthetic Failures”

                                      World Implant Expo

                                       Greater New York Dental Meeting, New York


November 19 2014       “Material Choices for Restorative Dentistry
Fundamentals of PFM and All Ceramic Crowns”

                                      Smile USA Study Club, Edison, NJ


November 17 2014       “Missing tooth Options”

                                      Implants vs Crown and Bridges

                                      Rutgers Diagnostic Sciences Seminar, Rutgers SDM

                                      Newark, NJ


November 11, 2014      “Management of Implant Complications and Failures”

                                      Bergen Implant Study Club,

                                      Englewood, NJ


October 30 – 31            Advanced Bone grafting

                                      “Sinus Grafts – Lateral and Crestal Approaches”

                                      “Management of Sinus Complications After Grafts”

                                      “Immediate Placement of Dental Implants”

                                      Lecture Series – AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India


October 28 – 29            “Soft Tissue considerations in Dental Implants”

                                      “Prosthetic Sequencing for Implant Restorations”

                                      Advanced Prosthodontic considerations

                                      AAID – Asia Maxicourse – Abu Dhabi, UAE


October 24 – 27            “Block grafting Techniques” Autogenous and Allogenic

                                      “Lateral approach Sinus lifts and Crestal Approaches – Pros and Cons”

                                      Complications and Management of Failures in Implant Dentistry  

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


October 20 – 23            Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Dental Implants

                                      Indications and Contraindications – Medical considerations

                                      The Missing Anterior Tooth Dilemma

                                      How to choose an implant System

                                      Treatment options in implant dentistry

                                      Lecture Series – Mini-Residency in Dental Implants

                                      Penang International Dental College, Penang, Malaysia


October 10, 2014          “Complete Arch Implant Reconstruction”

                                      Niagara Oral Surgery Group Study Club

                                      Buffalo, NY


October 3 -5, 2014       Advanced Implant Prosthetic Considerations

                                      Occlusion and Dental Implants

                                      Biomechanics and Implant Restorations

                                      Toronto Maxicourse, Toronto




Sept 19, 2014               Selecting the Implant Patient – Diagnsotic Protocols

                                     Rutgers School of Dental Medicine Maxicourse, Newark, NJ


Sept 16, 2014               “Biomechanics and Implant Occlusion” 

                                      Loma Linda University Maxicourse                                              

                                     Online Lecture Series  



August 28 – 30, 2014   Advanced Bone Grafting Course Live Patient Training Program

                                      Sinus Lifts, Block Grafts, Immediate Placements and ridgeexpansion procedures

                                      Course Director, NA Educational Trust, Bangalore, India


Aug  26 – 28, 2014       Implant Treatment Planning

                                      The Art of Diagnosis

                                      Indications for Dental Implants vs Fixed Prosthesis on Natural Teeth

                                      Basic principles of implant surgeries

                                       AAID Vegas Maxicourse, Las Vegas


Aug 25 – 27, 2014        Surgical Training Module

                                      Live Surgical Placement by participants

                                      Hands-on – AAID Maxicourse Bangalore


Aug 23 -24, 2014         Surgical Training Session

                                      Live Surgical Placement by participants

                                      Hands-on – Sharjah University

                                      AAID Maxicouse Abu Dhabi, UAE


August 18 – 22,2014    Surgical Principles in Implant Dentistry

                                      Fundamentals of Grafting and socket preservation

                                      Wound healing and Reneration

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


July 23 – 25: 2014        Advanced Bone Grafting Course

                                      “Live patient training Program”

                                      AAID Las Vegas Maxicourse

                                      Cancun, Mexico


July 4 – 5, 2014:           Comprehensive implant restorative sequence

                                      Biomechanics and Implant Occlusion

                                      Post graduate Academy of Dentistry, Kandy, Srilanka

                                      Implant Mini-Residency


July 1-2, 2014:              Surgical planning in Implant Dentistry

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse – Bangalore


June 23 – 27, 2014:      Introduction to Implant Dentistry

                                      Treatment planning and options

                                      Radiographic interpretation for Dental Implants

                                      Cone Beams and Implant Planning

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


June 21, 2014:              Immediate Implant Placement

                                      Abu Dhabi University

                                      AAID Maxicourse Asia, Abu Dhabi, UAE


June 20, 2014:              Surgical session – Live Patient training

                                      Sharjah University


June 19, 2014:              “Occlusal Principles in Restorative Dentistry”

                                      Asia Pacific Dental Conference

                                      Dubai, UAE


May 1-3, 2014:             Implant Prosthodontics, Implant Complications and Implant Occlusion

                                      Oregon Maxicourse, Eugene, OR


April 22 – 25, 2014:     Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry

                                      How to Choose an Implant System

                                      Parameters for Single tooth Restorations – FPDs vs Implants

                                      Radiographic evaluation for dental implants

                                      Fundamentals of CT scans

                                      Treatment options in implant dentistry        

                                      AAID – Asia Maxicourse - Kuwait


April 20-21, 1994:        Dental Implant Occlusion and Long Term Implant Maintenance

                                      Biomechanics and Implant Treatment planning

                                      Complications and management of Implant Failures

                                      AAID – Asia Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi, UAE


April 17 – 19, 2014:     Introduction to Dental implants

                                      Dental Implant Treatment Planning

                                      Treatment options for Dental Implants

                                      Case Based learning philosophies    

                                      6th AAID – Asia Maxicourse – Abu Dhabi


April 15 -16, 2014:       Advanced implant considerations

                                      Full mouth rehabilitation with Dental Implants

                                      10th Annual AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India


April 11-12, 2014:        Introduction to Dental Implants

                                      Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

                                      Treatment options in Dental Implants

                                      11th AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India


April 4, 2014:               “Current Occlusal Concepts in Restorative Dentistry”

                                      Surgical and Restorative Dentistry Symposium

                                      Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, Newark, NJ



March 16, 2014:           Implant Prosthodontics – Fixed and Removable options for Implant Restorations

                                      Las Vegas Maxicourse, Las Vegas


March 2, 2014:             Biomechanics and Implant Occlusion

                                      Rutgers SDM, Maxicourse, Newark, NJ


Feb 22-24, 2014:          Surgical Implantology –

                                      Principles of Surgery and Implant surgical protocol

                                      Clinical session, PG Academy of Srilanka

                                      Mini-Residency, Kandy, SriLanka


Feb 17 – 20, 2014:        Implant prosthodontics, Occlusion and Case sequencing

                                      Abutment Design and selection

                                      Stage II surgical protocols

                                      Implant Restorative Clinical session

                                      AAID Maxicourse Asia, Bangalore, India


Feb 7, 2014:                  Implant Surgical session – Clincal training

                                      AAID Rutgers Maxicourse, Newark, NJ


Jan 26 – 28:                  Implant Surgical Session – II

                                      University of Sharjah

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse, UAE


Jan 21 – 26:                  Diagnosis and Treatment planning for dental implants

                                      Radiology and Cone Beam planning for dental implants

                                      Single tooth Parameters

                                      Choosing an implant system

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia     


December 1, 2013:       “Back to the Future” Presentation at GNYDM

                                      Presented with Dr. Leonard Linkow, New York


November 23, 2013:     “Immediate Placement in Infected Sockets”

                                      AAID Las Vegas Maxicourse – Module III


November 21-22, 2013:          Cadaver Dissection course for Advanced Bone Grafting – Oquendo Center, Las Vegas

                                                AAID Las Vegas Maxicourse


November 17, 2013:     “Fundamental of Implant Treatment Planning and Choosing an Implant System”

                                      Rutgers Maxicourse, Rutgers Univ,  Newark, NJ


November 12-13, 2013:   “Surgical Principles For Basic Implant Dentistry”

                                         Live Clinical Session – Patient training Module

                                         AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India


November 11, 2013:     “Basics of Implant Dentistry – Choosing an Implant vs. a Fixed Bridge”

                                      Implant Mini-Residency, Post Graduate Academy

                                      Colombo, Sri-Lanka


November 9, 2013:       “Controversies in Implant Dentistry”

                                      5th Dento Facial Esthetic Conference and 2nd AAID Global conference, Jumeira Beach Hotel, Dubai, UAE


October 11, 2013:         Fundamentals of Bone Grafting Techniques – materials and biology

                                      AAID Las Vegas Maxicourse, Las Vegas


October 4 – 5, 2013:     “Biomechanics and Implant Occlusion – Advanced Prosthodontics considerations in implant dentistry”

                                      Toronto Maxicourse, Toronto, Canada



September 27,28, 2013     “Diagnosis and Treatment planning for dental Implants” 

                                          AAID – Las Vegas Maxicourse, Las Vegas


September 22, 2013:     “State of the Art in Restorative Dentistry”

                                      Indian Dental Association, North America

                                      JFK Center, Edison, NJ


September 15, 2013:     “Implants vs. Natural Teeth – Treatment considerations”

                                      Study Club, Cranbury, NJ


September 1-3, 2013:   “Surgical Principles in Implant Dentistry”

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


August 30, 31, 2013:    “Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Dental Implants”

                                      AAID – Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India


August 25 – 29, 2013:  Surgical Session – Live Training Program

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse,

                                      Sharjah University, UAE


August 23, 24, 2013:    Clinical Hands on Live Implant Training Program

                                      NA Trust, Bangalore, India


August 22, 2013:          “Contemporary Dental Implant Treatment Options”

                                      St. Gregorious Dental College, Kothamangalam,

                                      Kerala, India



June 21, 2013:              “Treatment Planning for Dental Implants”

                                      Rutgers University AAID Maxicourse, Newark


June 18, 2013:              “Treatment Options and Case Presentations”

                                      Smile USA, Center for Educational Excellence

                                      Study Club, Edison, NJ


June 30 – July 7, 2013: “Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Principles for Natural Teeth and Implants” –

                                      Mediterranean Cruise Course on Norwegian Epic – Dr. Travel Group


June 22,23, 2013        : “Prosthodontic Sequencing for Implant Restorations”

                                      AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India


June 20,21, 201:           “Implant Prosthodontics and Occlusion”

                                      Implant-Mini Residency, Kandy, Sri Lanka


June 18, 19, 2013         :          “Advanced Implant Considerations”

                                                            AAID Asia Maxicourse, New Delhi, India


June 13 -17, 2013         :          “Implant Prosthodontics”

                                                AAID Asia Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi, UAE


June 8, 2013                 :          “Prosthetically Driven Implant Failures”

                                                 Western District Meeting, AAID, Chicago


June 1, 2013                 : “Biomechanics and Implant Dentistry”

                                         UMDNJ Maxicourse, New Jersey


May 16 – 17, 2013      :           “Comprehensive Oral Implantology”

                                                 3M Innovations Center, Shanghai, China


May 10, 2013:              “Practice Solutions for the 21st Century Dentist”

                                       The Center for Educational Excellence

                                      Somerset Palace, Somerset, New Jersey


May 2 – 4, 2013:          “Advanced Prosthodontics and Clinical Implant     Dentistry” AAID Maxicourse, Eugene, Oregon


April 26,  2013:                        “Algorithms for Horizontal Augmentation”

                                                Osteotomes and Block Grafting Techniques

                                                AAID NorthEast and Southern District Meeting

                                                Philadelphia, PA


April 17, 2013                         Clinical Implant Dentistry

                                                Sharjah University, UAE


April 12-14                          : “Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Dental Implants”

April 15,16, 2013                  “Advanced Implant Considerations+

                                               AAID Asia Maxicourse, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


March 16,17, 2013       :          “Occlusal Considerations and Advanced Implant 

                                                Considerations” UNLV Maxicourse, Las Vegas


March 10, 2013            :          “Occlusal Principles in Implant Dentistry”

                                                UMDNJ Maxicourse, New Jersey


Jan 29 – 31, 2013         :          “Surgical Principles and Pre-Surgical

                                                Considerations” –  Live Surgical Training

                                                AAID Asia Maxicourse, Bangalore, India


Jan 25-28, 2013            :          “Surgical Principles and Pre-Surgical

                                                Considerations” – Live Surgical Training

                                                AAID Asia Maxicourse, New Delhi, India


Jan 22 – 24, 2013         :          “Surgical Principles and Pre-Surgical

                                                Considerations” – Live Surgical Training

                                                AAID Asia Maxicourse, UAE


Jan 19 – 23 2013          :          “Surgical Principles and Pre-Surgical

                                                Considerations” – Live Surgical Training

                                                AAID Asia Maxicourse, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Jan 11,12, 2013            :          “Implant Prosthodontics and Biomechanics”

                                                Ti Maxicourse – Toronto, Canada


Nov 13, 2012                :          “Immediate Placement Protocols”

                                                AAID Live Webinar


September 29, 2012      :          Fundamentals of Implant dentistry

                                                AAID Las Vegas Maxicourse, Las Vegas


July 20, 2012                :          “Biomechanics and Implant Prosthodontics”

                                                Maxicourse - Loma Linda University


July 12,13                     :          “Implant Prosthodontics and Occlusion”

                                                AAID Maxicourse Asia,  Bangalore, India


July 11                          :          “Advanced Implant Considerations”

                                                AAID Maxicourse Asia, Delhi, India


July 8- 10                      :          “Biomechanics and Implant Occlusion”

                                                AAID Maxicourse Asia, Abu Dhabi, UAE


July 5 - 7                       :          “Diagnosis and Treatment planning in Implant          Dentistry” AAID Maxicourse Asia, Jeddah, SA


June 16, 2012               :          “Occlusal Considerations and Complications in         Implant Dentistry”

                                                UMDNJ, Maxicourse, Newark


June 7,  2012              : “Occlusal Principles in Restorative Dentistry”

                                      Ninth District Dental Society, Hawthorne, NY



June 1, 2012               :            “Advanced Bone Grafting Course”

                                                Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry,

                                                St.Petersburg, Russia


May - June 2012           :          “Surgical Principles for Prosthodontists”

                                                Lecture Series - PG Pros, NYU CD


May 3 - 5, 2012            :          “Implant Prosthodontics and Advanced Implant       Considerations”

                                                Oregon AGD Maxicourse, Eugene, OR


April 1 -2, 2012            :          Advanced Surgical procedures in Implant Dentistry

                                                Maxicourse Iran, Tehran


April 3 -4 2012             :          Prosthodontic protocols in Implant Dentistry

                                                Maxicourse Asia, Abu Dhabi


April 7-8 2012              :          “Occlusion Demystified”

                                                  Advanced concepts in Occlusion in Clinical Practice

                                                  Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences

                                                Springer Publications - New Delhi, India


March 16,17, 2012       :          “Implant Biomechanics and Prosthodontics”

                                                Vegas Maxicouse, UNLV


Feb 1, 2, 2012               :          Fundamentals of Implant Surgery

                                                Iran Maxicourse, Tehran


Jan 23 - 30, 2012          :          Surgical Considerations in Implant Dentistry

                                                 AAID Asia Maxicourse, Abu Dhabi, New Delhi and Bangalore


December 9,10, 2011   :          Fundamentals of Treatment planning in Implant        Dentistry.  Advanced prosthetic Considerations.

                                                Toronto Maxicourse, Toronto, Cananda


November 27, 2011      :          “Prosthetic Complications and Management”

                                                Greater New York Dental Meeting, New York


November 18,19,2011           : Advanced Soft and Hard Tissue Considerations in Implant Dentistry,

                                                Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry,

                                                Moscow, Russia.


November 11, 2011      :          Treatment options in Implant Dentistry

                                                Radiographic Planning with CBCT

                                                Vegas Maxicourse, Las Vegas


November 4, 2011        :          Diagnosis and treatment planning in Implant             Dentistry

                                                UMDNJ Maxicourse, Newark


September 18, 2011      :          Diagnosis and Treatment planning in implant            dentistry

                                                UNLV Maxicourse,  Las Vegas


September 11, 2011      :          Basic principles of Implant Dentistry

                                                UMDNJ Maxicourse, Newark



2011May                    :           “Surgical Implantology for Prosthodontic Residents”           - Lecture Series

                                                 New York Univeristy – PG Pros


2011 Jan – May                      “Restorative Dentistry for General Practitioners”

                                                 Lecture series

                                                 Adirondack Oral Surgery Group, Albany


2011 Mar:                                Key Note Speaker

                                                 “Occlusal Principles in Implant Dentistry”

                                                   II Jordanian International Dental Implant Conference, Dead Sea, Jordan

                                                 Key Note Speaker

                                                “Biomechanics and Implant Treatment planning”


2011 Mar:                       “Advanced Surgical Concepts in Implant Dentistry”

                                         Chicago Center for Advanced Dentistry

                                         Moscow, Russia


2011 Feb                       :AAID Maxicourse Iran Surgical Lecture Series

                                      Tehran, Iran – Live surgical demonstrations


2011 Feb                       :AAID maxicourse Asia, Surgical Module,

                                      Abu Dhabi, UAE


2011 Jan                       : “Implant Prosthodontics”

                                        AAID, Toronto Maxicourse, Canada


2010 Jan - Dec              : Implant Lectures and courses conducted in U.S. , Russia, Abu Dhabi, Iran, Malaysia, India and Canada


2009 Dec 10,11              “Implant Prosthodontics” Maxicourse, Toronto


2009 Dec 5                     “Biomechanics and Occlusion” Maxicourse, Korea


2009 Nov 29                  “Biomechanics and Treatment Planning”

                                       Greater New York Dental Meeting, New York


2009 Nov 23                  Occlusal principles in Oral Rehabilitation

                                      White Plains Dental Forum, New York


2009 Nov 16                   “Failures in Fixed Prosthodontics”

                                         Gamma Psi Delta, UMDNJ


2009 October 18 – 29      “Fundamentals of Implant Dentistry”

                                          Maxicourse Asia – Abu Dhabi, New Delhi, Penang


2009 October 12             “Biomechanics and Occlusal principles in Implant Dentistry” Goldstone Memorial Lecture Series, Utica College, Utica, NY


2009 June  20,21              “Advanced Implant Concepts and Procedures”

                                          Chicago Center for Dentistry, Mumbai, India


2009 June 8,                  “Complications and Management in Implant Dentistry’  “ Advanced Implant prosthodontics”

                                       Oregon AAID/AGD Maxicoures, Portland



2009 May 13                “Biomechanical Aspects of Implant Dentistry”

                                      Bergen Implant Study Club, New Jersey


2009 March 20 - 23      “Management of Complications in Implant Dentistry”  AAID – India Maxicourse, New Delhi


2009 March 11             “Implant prosthodontics” Oregon AAID/AGD   Maxicourse, Portland


2009 Jan 8 - 10             “Implant Prosthdontics”, AAID-India Maxicourse, New Delhi


2008 August 13 -16      “Introduction to Dental Implants”

                                      AAID – India Maxicourse, New Delhi        


2008, Jan – May           Course Director,

                                      Implant Mini-Residency – Clinical Training

                                      Smile USA, Elizabeth, NJ


2008, March 14            “Full Mouth Rehabilitation – A Systematic Approach”  Saveetha Dental College, Chennai


2008, Feb 12                 “Parameters for Single Tooth Restorations”

                                      Indian Dental Association, New York


2008, Jan                      “Management of Complications and Failures of Dental Implants”, AAID- India Maxicourse

                                      Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai


2007, December           “Occlusal Considerations in Comprehensive Rehabilitation”

                                      VA Hospital Medical Center, New York


2007, November           “The Dilemma of the Single Missing Anterior Tooth”

                                      Greater New York Dental Meeting, New York


2007, October               “Prosthetic Sequencing for Implant Restorations”

                                      Patient Clinical Training and Lectures

                                       4th Annual AAID Maxicourse – India

                                      Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai


2007, August                “Prosthetically Driven Implant Surgeries”

                                      Live Surgical Training Program

                                      4th Annual AAID Maxicourse – India  

                                      Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai  


2007 April                    “Biomaterials and Biomechanics”

                                       4th Annual AAID Maxicourse – India

                                      Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai


2007 March                  “Occlusal Principles in Full Mouth Rehabilitation”

                                      Ninth District Dental Society, New York


2007 Feb                       “Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Implant Dentistry”

                                      4th Annual AAID Maxicourse – India

                                      Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai


2006, December 11      Treatment Planning For Comprehensive Dentistry

                                      Vishnu Dental College, Bhimavaram, AP, India


2006, December 9        Creating Practice Excellence

                                      IAID, Chennai, India


2006, December 6-9     Occlusion and Restorative Principles in Implant Dentistry

                                      3rd, Annual MaxicourseR – India

                                      New Delhi and Chennai, India


2006, October 17          “Philosophies in Restorative Dentistry”

                                      Alabama Dental Center



2006, September 23      Advanced Prosthodontic Considerations in Implant Dentistry

                                      Englewood Dental Implant Center,

                                      Englewood, NJ


2006, September 13-15           Restorative Principles for Implant Dentistry

                                      Hands-On Program,

                                      3rd MaxicourseR- India

                                      New Delhi and Chennai, India


2006, July 12 – 15        Surgical Principles of Implant Dentistry

                                      Hands-On Program

                                      3rd MaxicourseR – India

                                      New Delhi and Chennai, India


2006, July 12                Principles of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

                                      Indian Academy of Restorative Dentistry

                                      New Delhi, India      


2006, June 30               “Occlusal Principles in Implant Dentistry”

                                      World Congress of Oral Implantology 2006

                                      Tokyo, Japan


2006, April 1-8             Implant Maxicourse Lecture Series –

                                      Introduction to Implant Dentistry,  New Delhi and

                                      Chennai, National Academy of Dental Specialities


2006, March 15,16       Differential Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in

                                      Implant Dentistry – Prosthetically Driven Options

                                      AAID – Maxicourse, Jordan


2005, December 25      Principles of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

                                      IIDC Seminars, Nehru Center, Mumbai, India


2005, December 26      Full Mouth Rehabiliation with Dental Implants

                                      Course at Smile Care Center, Mumbai, India


2005, December 28      Introduction to Implant Dentistry

                                      Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences

                                      New Delhi, India


2005, October 25          “Occlusal Principles in Implant Dentistry”

                                      Bergen Implant Study Group, Englewood, NJ


2005, September 23      “Implant Dentistry for Restorative Dentists”

                                      Comprehensive Restorative Course for General Dentists, Center for Educational Excellence, Pines Manor, Edison, NJ


2005, March 16-17     : “Comprehensive and Advanced Oral Implantology”

                                                Course Director, Smile Care Center, Mumbai, India


2005, March 14-15     : Course on “Full Mouth Rehabilitation”

                                      NYU Faculty, Smile Care Center, Mumbai, India


2005, March 13           : “Interfaces in Prosthodontics”

                                      3M Smile Care Center Symposium, JWMarriot, Mumbai, India


2004, December 23,     “Occlusal Considerations in Restorative Dentistry”

                                      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


2004, December 19     :           B.C.Shroff Oration Lecture

                                      32nd Indian Prosthodontic Society Meeting

                                      Bangkok, Thailand


2004 November            “Occlusal Principles in Implant Dentistry”

                                      AAID/GNY Dental Meeting, New York


2004 Jan, March          :Hands on and Lectures

                                      Pre-Surgical Prosthodontics and Prosthodontic Options in Implant Dentistry

American Academy of Implant Dentistry Maxicourse, Co-Director, Chennai, India


2003  December           :Introduction to Implant Dentistry

                                      1st MaxicourseR India, Chennai

                                       Co-Director, AAID/India Implant Maxicourse

                                      Chennai, India


2003 November         :  Key Note Speaker

                                      “Full Mouth Rehabilitation”

                                      Principles and Techniques

                                      World Congress on Prosthodontics

                                      New Delhi, India


                                      Key note Address

                                      “Attachments in Implant Dentistry”

                                      World Congress on Prosthodontics

                                      New Delhi, India


2003 Oct 2                  : “Occlusion for the Restorative Dentist”

                                      Concepts and Techniques

                                      Staten Island University Hospital, SI, NY


2003 May 25             :  “Curricula and Methods of Teaching Implant Dentistry”, WCOI 5, Tokyo, Japan


2003 March 15 -20    :  Course Director – Comprehensive Oral Implantology, Mumbai, India


2003 Jan                    :  “Restoring the Worn Dentition”

                                      IDA USA, New York


2002 December 13    :  “Occlusal Principles in Restorative Dentistry”

                                      Smile USA, Center for Recontructive Dentistry

                                      Elizabeth, NJ


2002 October           :    “Occlusion Concepts in Full Mouth Rehabilitaton”

                                      Spanish American Dental Society, New York, NY


2002 August 16 -17     : Key Note Speaker “Solving the Mystery of the Worn Dentition” – 10th Annual metting, Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, Chennai, India.


2001 August 15-16:      “Occlusal Principles in Full Mouth Rehabilitation”

                                       Key Note Speaker – Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry, 9th Annual meeting, Agra, India


2000 November           :“Intra-mucosal Inserts”

                                      Table Clinic – American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Annual Meeting, Nashville, TN, USA


1999  February 20-21   :“Comprehensive Oral Rehabilitation”

                                      2 Day course on Full Mouth Rehabilitation

                                      Mountview Hotel, Chandigarh, India


1999  February 27-28:  “Comprehensive Oral Rehabilitation”

                                      2 Day Course on Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Crown and Bridge and Implants

                                      NYU-Smile Care India Continuting Ed Programs

                                      Nanavati Hospital, India


1998 November            : “Prosthetics Driven Implant Dentistry”

                                        Presentation to the Indian Dental Association, NY


1998 January                 :“Train the Trainers”

                                        Conducted Workshop on Multimedia Presentations to a group of lecturers

                                       Smile Care Center, Mumbai, India


1997  September           : Expert Clinician: AAID Research Foundation Symposium, Main Podium Speaker on Endosseous Implantology, 46th Annual Convention of AAID,      Atlanta


1997 June                     :“Intra-Mucosal Inserts” – North East District AAID Meeting, New York


1997 January                :“Preps, Provisionals and Props” - “Basic Implant Dentistry”

                                      Course Director and Faculty - Smile Care Center, Bombay, India


1996 May                     :Faculty, Course on Endosseous Implants

                                      The First Lithuanian Dental Congress, Lithuania


1996 May                     :Faculty, Course on Endosseous Implants

                                      Philippine National Dental Conference, Manila



1996 January                :Faculty, Hands on Course on Fixed Prosthodontics

                                      First International Esthetic Congress, Bombay, India


1995 September           :“The One Stage Dental Implant Systems”

                                      Berjaya Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


1995 August                 :Faculty, Course on Dental Implants

                                      College of Dentistry

                                      Buenos Aires, Argentina


1995 May                     :Faculty, Hands on Course on Implants

                                      Quito, Ecuador


1994 April                    :“Drill Speeds and Heat Generation during Insertion of Dental Implants”,

                                       3rd World Congress on Oral Implantology, Yokohama, Japan


1993 December            :“The Osteo Loc Implant Systems”

                                      Annual Meeting of the Hellenic Society of Oral      Implantology, Athens, Greece           


1993 January                :“Provocative Issues in Implant Dentistry”

                                      Annual State Dental Conference, Madras, India


1992 October                :“Ion-Implantation and other surface modification techniques”

                                      Table Clinic Presentation at the 41st Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, Orlando, Fl


1992 February              :Panel member representing Dental Implant Manufacturer’s Association to the FDA, Rockville, MD

                                      Petition to Reclassify Endosseous Dental Implants


                                      “Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis and Evolution of the Osteo-Loc Implants”

                                      Western District Annual Meeting of the AAID, Chicago


1991 October:               “Surgery, Receptor Site Preparation and Bone Augmentation in Implantology”

                                      Main Podium Panel Member

                                      40th Annual Meeting of the AAID, Chicago


                                      “Heat Production in Bone at Implant Osteotomy Sites with high, low and intermediate speed drilling”

                                      Table Clinic Presentation

                                      40th Annual Meeting, AAID, Chicago


1991 January                :“Planned Approach to Implant Dentistry”

                                      South Asian Dental Congress, Bombay, India


1990 October   :            “Effects of Drill speeds and heat generation in osteotomy sites” Annamalai University



Advanced Courses Taken:


ACLS recertification:             October 2017


IV Sedation certification course: October 2012 – St. Joseph’s Hospital, Patterson, NJ


Advanced Bone Grafting Principles – Vertical osteotomies, Sinus grafts and ridge split course:

-          Under Dr. Hilt Tatum, France – August 2009


Advanced Bone grafting Cadaver program – Bristol University – England – August 2010


Microsurgical Procedures – suturing and soft tissue grafts –

-          AAID course – Chicago, IL 2008


Advanced Bone grafting – Cadaver program – AAID sponsored course – Dayton, OH – 2002


Principles of Sinus lifts, Block grafts and soft tissue management –

                                      Dr. Michael Pikos, Clearwater, FL – 1998.






Positions Held :


Program Chair: 64th AAID Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, 2015

Program Chairman: 61st AAID Annual Meeting, Washington DC 2012

General Chairman, World Congress of Oral Implantology 8, New Delhi

Trustee:                                   American Academy of Implant Dentisry 2005 - 2010

Program Chair                         58th Annual Meeting of the AAID, New Orleans 2009

Secretary General –                 World Congress of Oral Implantology WCOI 7, Japan

Scientific Chairman                 56th AAID Annual Meeting Las Vegas 2007

Co-Director                                         AAID Implant Maxicourse, India - 2005

Scientific Co-Chairman          World Congress for Oral Implantology 6, Hawaii - 2004

Past President (2005):             North East District, American Academy of Implant Dentistry

International Coordinator -     Smile Care Center and Smile Times, Mumbai, India

President:                                            Students’ Council, Dental College,

                                                                        Annamalai University





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Iyer S, Konatham Haribabu P: Minimizing Alveolar Bone Loss During and After Extractions (Part I) – Review of Techniques: Atraumatic Extraction, Root Retention

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Gary R. Goldstein, DDS, FACP,1 Shankar Iyer, DDS, MDS, FDSRCPS,2 Phuong D.Doan, DDS,3 & Sandra Scibetta, DDS3

Detection of Radiolucencies around Endodontically Treated Teeth on Routine CT Scans

Accepted for publication in the Journal of Prosthodontics, April 15, 2014.


Posters and Table Clinics:

Xing L, Iyer S et al: Comparative Clinical Study of Membrane Assisted Socket Healing, 61st AAID Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.

Prashant K, Iyer S:  Utilization of Allogenic Block Bone Graft for horizontal Augmentation, 61st AAID Annual Meeting, Washington D.C.


References Available on Request      


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