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Leo Semes,  OD, FAAO *


Retina-Disc Grab Bag

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 . . . The Program

  1. Retina Mysteries Revealed                                                                              

    Description: This course is a potpourri of fundus disorders. They include curious as well as 2 very different cases of vein obstruction and macular edema for diagnostic and management guidance. In addition differentials and management strategies will be offered.



    Interpreting the OCT                                                                                          


    Description: This course will briefly discuss data acquisition in optical coherence tomography and use case examples and illustrations to show the capabilities and clinical correlates from OCT to the stereoscopic examination of the macula, vitreoretinal interface, optic nerve head and retinal nerve fiber layer.



    Adventures in the Vitreous                                                                               

    Description: When a Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) occurs, it is usually silent. This course will detail complications both at the posterior pole and in the periphery. It also will emphasize appropriate follow-up visits and management. In this course you will learn about the underlying normal anatomy of the vitreo-retinal interface, how normal anatomy is altered in abnormal vitreo-retinal adherences and what has been learned about clinical observations from digital imaging, and more!


    A day in the retina clinic                                                                     


    Description: This course is a potpourri of fundus disorders. They include curious as well as varying presentation of diabetic and hypertensive fundus changes. Diagnostic and management guidance for clinical practice will be discussed. In addition differentials and management strategies will be offered.

    Blood flow in Glaucoma                                                                    


    Description: (TBA)



    Medical Management of Glaucoma                                                                  


    Description: With the changing landscape of glaucoma treatment options, practitioners need to be on the cutting edge. This course will review the mechanisms of action and their subtleties as well as take an in-depth look at the select few that will be keystones of treatment in the future. 



    NSAID and Steroid update                                                               


    Description: Many topical NSAIDs are the progeny of oral medications. This course will outline the application of topical and oral agents for pain and inflammation management. In addition, the latest information on topical steroids in ophthalmic practice will be offered. 


    Stem-cell therapy for glaucoma                                                                        

    Description: The application of stem cell therapy has penetrated to the eye. Ganglion cell rescue and regeneration are two possible areas of exploration in glaucomatous optic atrophy. This course explores future directions in stem-cell therapy.


    Is this glaucoma?                                                                              


    Description: Using a series of cases, this course will challenge the audience to make management decisions with increasingly more information. The presenters will offer real-life cases (de-identified) that present every-day situations in glaucoma and related optic disc changes.


AMD and AREDS2, too                                                                   





 Leo  Semes, OD, FAAO (click for CV)

 Leo P. Semes, OD, is Professor of Optometry at UAB. He earned his OD from PCO and completed residency at The Eye Institute of PCO.

 Dr. Semes has authored or over 220 scientific articles, book chapters and posters.  He is a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, as well as an active member of the AOA, chairing the Nutrition and Health Committee.  Dr. Semes is a founding member of the Optometric Glaucoma Society and a founding fellow of the Optometric Retina Society.    





Dr. Travel, LLC is an approved COPE provider. This is a 16 CE Credit course.


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