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For your convenience, Dr. TRAVEL SEMINARS, LLC. is providing you with these deck plans. We believe that this will aid you in choosing the accommodations that best satisfy your needs.


NOTE: RCCL was planning on making some changes to the Deck Plans of the Explorer. We will post them as soon as possible if they do so.
The Staterooms do not seem to be affected; it is mostly the amenities/public rooms that are.


Explanation of Symbols




         Deck 15                                                                                                                      Deck 14                                                                                                             Deck 13






        Deck 12                                                                                                        Deck 11                                                                                                               Deck 10




                  Deck 9                                                                                                   Deck 8                                                                                                       Deck 7






Deck 6                                                                                                         Deck 5                                                                                                               Deck 4



 Deck 3                                                                                                                  Deck 2





Sofabed Stateroom with sofa bed.
3rd Pullman Stateroom has third Pullman bed available.
4th Pullman Stateroom has third and fourth Pullman beds available.
Connecting Connecting staterooms.
Wheelchair Indicates accessible staterooms.
Wheelchair Stateroom with sofa bed and third Pullman bed available.
4Pullman Stateroom has four additional Pullman beds available.
These staterooms have obstructed views
Indicates door location
Stateroom opens only to the starboard side
Sofa Bed Eligible


Please Note: Effective January 2008, smoking is not permitted inside any stateroom. However, smoking is permitted in some areas aboard the ship.

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