...had a great time...look forward to next year's

presidents week, and the cruise to Bermuda in 2003...      L. G.


Arnie,…… We enjoyed our stay at Casa del

Mar and look forward to next year's program.  Thanks again,  DC family


Always remarkable how the attendance of the seminar maintains at such a high level - a testament to the lecturer.   JD


top notch lecture


Hi Arnie:

We had a great time with you guys…

The best trip so far...

Hope to see you soon...Lets have a reunion sooooon!!!

We told Rob today to count us in for New Years and the next Presidents week!

....how about next summer in Bermuda.

All the best...                                                                                Lloyd/Jane


Excellent overall presentation


it was great to be flexible about the hours of the course because of weather   KF


Speaker knowledgeable, examples effective, good clinical slides. Speaker very approachable


no improvement needed. Good sense of humor. Very enthusiastic about his field. These courses have something for everyone [dentists, hyg, & dent assistants] Very easy to understand. Very interesting  MS


Great and relaxing time  EF


thank you for very professional informative sessions     JG


..the flexibility w/ course time in correlation w/ weather a plus.   K&D M


Remain the same. Excellent   MH


the course content was excellent     MN


very informative, well structured lecture


…. Hey Arnie,  what a great trip!!!   Scott


Great and relaxing time/ interested in Cruise!!!                                  EF


Arnie:  Thanks for a great time in Sosua. Take a look at these pictures.  Marshall and Janice


great presentation, very personable, like the small group discussions    RM


very good as is


it was a wonderful seminar - you should invite Dr. Freedman again!


great speaker      PB, rda


excellent course, remain the same  H-J


great format, liked the open communication   JM


... I don't see how it could be improved         Marv

It was really Seminar in Paradise.  DP  5/07

'had a fantastic time ... you put on a great cruise'    W. A., 12/06


Excellent         Session was excellent. Solid speaker w/ timely content.  Directly applicable to my practice,  
  exactly what I was looking for. Excellent content.                  TC   '07


Thanks for arranging such a great time.  E&NS '07


glad I came/ got some useful 'pearls'; would do it again       MB   July '07


we had a spectacular time.   Lloyd.   Feb. '08


I had a wonderful time Cruising with Dr. Travel .  I greatly appreciate the opportunity to attend the lectures.
The people were great.  Thank you for your gracious hospitality on the ship.                                            JN Feb. '08
"The Progebins are in for another great Dr. Travel Adventure."  Aug '08


"We would like to go on another DrTravel cruise or resort program and again, I thank you and Rob for your hard work and dedication to making these trips wonderful. ...  Everyone in our group had a great time and we're now close friends!"   Best regards, Fred        Oct. '08


Excellent Presenter, useful info, entertaining, great presenter & personable.   JP   Oct. '08


"considering it was hot & Sunny on the deck of this cruise ship I attended the entire session! That speaks volumes and even my family was impressed"  Ernie P., Dec '08

"good cruise, good lecturer, always a satisfying experience on both fronts"   JD  Feb. '09


Outstanding man and outstanding course   RD July  '09


Overall presentation was very informative and practical.  Great seminar     HL July '09

"perfect"  JH  Feb 2010

"A Great Way To Reeducate! Thank you" 

“Really enjoyed the conference & the cruise---- looking forward to another. !”   MB  Feb. '15


"Dr. Travel, you are doing great- continue doing the good job"     SR  Feb. '15

 Great trip It was seamless.   Thanks.              FS  Jul. '15

No change-brilliant/ Excellent Course            July '17


More courses from Dr. Iyer                        July '17


Remain the same                                July '17


Dr. Iyer is an excellent speaker with vast knowledge & experience. A+ + + + +        July '17

Very enjoyable and educational    RQ  Dec. '17


Everything was great              VD   Feb. '18


Seminar was excellent!         SB  Feb. '18

Have Him Back!!!       Great Job         MB   Feb. '18

Excellent as is             JK   Feb. '18

Great lecture              PB   Feb. '18


Excellent. Extend to another cruise for further lecturing on ancillary topics barely covered!   GD   Feb. '18


Excellent Lecture & Presenter                     JS    Feb. '18s


Appropriately paced lectures/ Interactive, organized, clear, engaging    Feb. '19


IT WAS PERFECT – SO RELEVANT FOR MY P.T. PRACTICE. Great with references to follow up on.  Feb. '19


Dr. Yousef was great and informative. I would take her lecture again.          NP     Feb. '19

Did a great job of pulling the diverse subject together.                                  DC  Feb. '19

Retake this course again!                                                                             CP   Feb. '19

It was fine as is                                                                                            FGj    Feb. '19

Dr. Hoda does a GREAT JOB!!                                                                 MB   Feb. '19

Remain the same. Everything very good                                                       DG   Feb. '19

Excellent, as Is.                                                                                           MH   Feb. '19  (oral surgeon)

Perfect                                                                                                        ES   Feb. '19


All was Great                                                                                             MN  July '19


Best Seminar that I’ve ever attended                                                          NM   July '19