A "Mini Residency" in Modern Restorative Dentistry:
Combining Revolutionary New Technologies and Proven Techniques for Clinical Excellence



  • Date December 24 - 31, 2022
  • Credits 16 CE

Course Price:

  • Registration $845
  • Dental Hygienists $545
  • Students, Residents, and Office Personnel: $145
  • GROUPS: Please call
  • *Discounted fee based upon purchase of vacation package. If purchased separately, please add $400 to the above fees.



In this lecture-at-sea seminar, Dr. Lowe will teach you the skills you need to refine your restorations to a level that will help you create consistent quality. New technologies and techniques will be discussed along with how implementation can help increase the consistency of your restorative outcomes. A discussion regarding the latest dental materials and delivery modalities will help in treatment planning even the most difficult functional and aesthetically challenging cases.

According to Dr. Harold M. Shavell, “Occlusion is the Common Denominator of All Dentistry.” Every restoration placed has the potential to profoundly alter the occlusal and/or the incisal relationships of the patient's’ dentition. Thus, understanding, visualizing, and reproducing human dentate morphology, regardless of the material used... is the key to long-lasting dental restorations.

Don’t miss this technique-oriented seminar that is geared toward delivering useful clinical information that can be implemented in practice immediately having a positive impact on the “bottom line” of your practice!

Topics will include the following:
• Advances In Direct Composite Dentistry: A Blend of Artistry, Materials, and Technique.
  • Techniques to create morphologically precise direct anterior and posterior composite restorations will be demonstrated.
  • The challenges of placing Class II direct composites (proximal contact and contour) and soft tissue management will be discussed.
  • Advances in composite materials technology such as bulk fill, and other types of dentin replacements that are “biologically active” give the dentist a wide range of restorative solutions for patients.
  • Chairside fabrication of glass fiber direct composite bridges – A rarely used treatment option that can set your practice apart from the rest!
  • Bioclear matrix for “black triangle” and diastema closures.
  • Uveneer – Simplify the creation of anatomic facial surfaces in composite resin for full and partial composite veneers.

• How bioactive dental materials are “changing the face” of restorative dentistry
  • What is today’s definition of “bioactive” in dentistry?
  • Early detection, minimally invasive preparation, and bioactive restorative materials: A new paradigm in caries management
  • How bioactive liners, bases, cements, and restorative materials can help maintain the integrity of the tooth – restorative interface by the precipitation of hydroxyapatite. Its’ not just about fluoride anymore!

• “World Class” Crown and Bridge: Techniques to Create Restorative Excellence
  • Tissue Management and Perfect Master Impressions
  • Biologic Provisionalization and Foundation Restorations
  • Predictable Cementation Protocols
  • Combining Digital and Conventional Dentistry to enhance restorative outcomes

• Creative Treatment Planning: When It Doesn’t Go By The Book?
  • Perioprosthetic cases and the role of biologic width.
  • Prosthetic tooth repositioning and orthodontic tooth preparation.
  • How to correct tooth position for function and aesthetics when the patient elects NOT to have pre prosthetic orthodontics for crowded cases.
  • “Instant Orthognathic” Surgery: When is “almost” good enough?

• The Aesthetics of Occlusion: Back to the Future! The Philosophy and Teaching of Dr. Harold M. Shavell
  • “It All Started with Alloy” – Biomorphaesthetics: The Quickest Way to Understand Occlusion...Guaranteed!
  • Morphology and Occlusion: “Back To The Basics” - The Importance of Linguovision
  • ABC Contacts – The Pokorny Construct – What Do Those Dots Mean?
  • Occlusal Adjustment: Spheroiding or Biomorphaestethic Reshaping....NOT Grinding!

Course Objectives - Each participant will learn:

1. How to use some of the latest composite and bioactive restorative materials to save time and create a better environment for long-term functional and aesthetic success.

2. How to control soft tissues to make restorative dentistry easier and more predictable.

3. Learn to create “perfect” master impressions and have successful cementation of all types of aesthetic restorations.

4. Combining digital technologies into the aesthetic workflow to enhance patient outcomes.

5. How to “orthodontically” prepare teeth systematically to correct the clinical crown orientation when conventional orthodontics is not an option.

6. The importance of biologic width: Diagnosing biologic width issues and learning how the soft and hard tissues can be repositioned using laser technology and traditional surgery to enhance gingival aesthetics and correct minor biologic width encroachment.

7. Treatment options for complex restorative and aesthetic cases. Do you have a “Plan B”? Can you think “outside the box” as to possible solutions, or are you a only a “textbook” treatment planner?