NAME:                                   Randall Kean Thomas


ADDRESS:                            Educators in Primary Eye Care, L.L.C.

                                                6017 Havencrest Court

                                                Concord, North Carolina 28027


TELEPHONE:                      704-792-6021


FAX:                                      704-792-1647




EDUCATION:                      O.D., Doctor of Optometry

                                                Pennsylvania College of Optometry  

                                                1200 West Godfrey Avenue

        Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19141                                                 

                                                 May, 1981


                                                M.P.H., Master of Public Health

                                                Department of Health Administration

                                                School of Public Health

                                                University of North Carolina 27514

                                                May, 1976


                                                B.S., Bachelor of Science

                                                Appalachian State University

                                                Boone, North Carolina 28607

                                                     Major:  Biology

                                                     Minors:  Psychology, Chemistry & Education

                                                May, 1973



                                                A.S., Associate in Science

                                                Western Piedmont Community College

                                                Morganton, North Carolina 28655

                                                May, 1970


            Successfully completed the National Board Examination in Optometry. 

                  April, 1981.  Successfully completed the International Association

                  of Boards of Examiners in Optometry examination on “Treatment

                  and Management of Ocular Disease”.  May, 1986.


            Licensed by the State Board of Examiners in Optometry in North Carolina,

                  September, 1981; Oklahoma, August, 1983; Tennessee, July, 1988.




            Group practice of optometry and ophthalmology, Concord, North Carolina

                  -- June, 1993 to present.


             Private practice of optometry, Thomasville, North Carolina -- March, 1990

                  to June, 1993.


             Group practice of optometry, Fayetteville, North Carolina -- June, 1988 to

                  March, 1990.


              Private practice of optometry and associate practice with ophthalmology.

                  Tulsa, Oklahoma -- August, 1984 to May, 1988.


             Clinical Optometrist, Bolling Air Force Base Medical Clinic, Washington,

                  District of Columbia -- July, 1981 to July 1984.


             Consultant, Appalachian District Health Department, Boone, North

                  Carolina, 28607 -- Summer, 1978

                       Request:  To develop guidelines for the delivery of primary health care

                                 services by area health departments, and participate in departmental

                                 administrative activities.


             Research Assistant, Department of Dental Ecology, School of Dentistry,

                  University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina -- July,

                  1976 to July, 1977.


             Policy Analyst, Department of Health, Education and Welfare:  Medical

                  Services Administration, Division of Program Planning and Evaluation,

                  Washington, District of Columbia -- Summer, 1975.


             High School Biology Teacher, Anson County Board of Education,

                  Wadesboro, North Carolina -- August, 1973 to June, 1974.


                  Awarded “Glaucoma Educator of the Year” by the American Academy                                   of Optometry, 1997.


                  Granted Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry, 1984.


                  Appointed as a member of the Adjunct Faculty, Pennsylvania College of

                        Optometry, 1988 through 2003; Pacific University College of Optometry

                        1993 through 2003; State University of New York College of Optometry,

                        1993 through 2003.


                  Awarded the William C. Ezell Award “For the Best Article Based on a

                        Lecture given at the Southern Congress of Optometry”, 1984.


                  Selected by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry as a

                        consultant in constructing questions in ocular disease and ocular

                        pharmacology for the National Board Examination, 1985.


                  Recipient of the Optometric Recognition Award in Continuing Education

                        by the American Optometric Association, 1985.


                  Appointed as a Regional Consultant to the Council on Clinical Optometric

                        Care of the American Optometric Association, 1986 through 1998.


                  Selected “Outstanding Young Men of America”, U.S. Jaycees, 1983.


                  Appointed as a member of the Hospital and Nursing Home Practice

                        Committee of the American Optometric Association, 1983 through



                  Air Force Commendation Medal Recipient for Meritorious Service, 1984.


                  Appointed as Captain, Biomedical Science Corps, United States Air

                        Force, 1981 through 1984.


                  Elected into the Gold Key Optometric Service Honor Society, 1981.


                  Selected to serve as a member of the Student Optometric Service to

                        Haiti (S.O.S.H.) Team, 1981.


                  Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities,

                        Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, 1973.





                  Externship Training:


                        Fourth Professional year, Pennsylvania College of Optometry,

                            Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1980 to 1981.                        


                                    Private Practice of Steven Greenberg, M.D., Moshe Adler, M.D.,

                                    and Bruce Pierson, O.D., Brookville General Hospital,

                                    Brookville, Pennsylvania.


                                    Alaska Native Medical Center, Anchorage, Alaska, Yukon-

                                    Kuskokwim Delta Public Health Service Hospital, Bethel,



                                    W.W. Hastings Indian Health Service Hospital, Tahlequah,

                                    Oklahoma, Lesley L. Walls, M.D. served as preceptor.


                  Internship Training:


                        Second Professional Year, School of Public Health, University of

                            North Carolina, 1976.

                                    Health Committee of the House of Representatives, North

                                    Carolina General Assembly, Raleigh, North Carolina. This

                                    Study was taken entirely on location at the State

                                    Legislature Building.  While an intern, I sat with the

                                    Committee and participated in most of the affairs of the





                        Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Course in Ophthalmic Pathology

                            for Ophthalmologists, Washington, District of Columbia, 1982.




These lectures are all related to ocular pharmacology, ocular differential

 diagnosis, and medical management of eye diseases.


                                    Lectured at over 400 continuing medical education conferences                                                throughout the world.


                                    Cabarrus Family Medicine Residency; “Red Eye Differential                                                     Diagnosis and Management”, Northeast Medical Center, Concord,                                           North Carolina, 1997.


                                    Ocular Pharmacology Consultant, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of                                              North Carolina, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, 1995-                                      2000.


Professional Publications:                “Pharmaceutical Agents Commonly Used

(Co-Authored with                            To Treat Afflictions of the Eye and Adnexa”,

Ron Melton, O.D., F.A.A.O.                        Southern Journal of Optometry, June, 1984.

Charlotte, N.C.                                 

                                                            “Pharmaceutical Agents Commonly Used to

                                                            Treat Ocular Inflammations of the Eye and

                                                            Adnexa”, Southern Journal of Optometry,

                                                            October, 1984.


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                                                            Treat Infections/Inflammations of the Eye”,

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“Conjunctival and Corneal Foreign Body Removal”, Chapters in Clinical Optometric Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Editor: B.E. Onofrey, J.B. Lippincott

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                  American Optometric Association


                  American Academy of Optometry


                  North Carolina State Optometric Society


                  Life Member of Alumni Association, School of Public Health, University

                      of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.