Dr. Blair Lonsberry

1915 NW Walmer Drive                              503-929-0501 C, 503-352-2510 W, 503-352-2523 Fax

Portland, OR 97229                                                                         blonsberry@pacificu.edu



Feb 2012       Diplomate, American Board of Optometry

May 2005       Masters in Education (Post-Secondary Education), Memorial University, Canada

July 1997       Primary Care Residency, Illinois Eye Institute, Chicago, IL

May 1996       Doctor of Optometry, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

Oct. 1993       Masters of Science (Physiology), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB

1991-1992     Post-Degree Science, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON

May 1990       Bachelors of Science (Major in Zoology), University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB


Work Experience

09/05-current  Professor of Optometry, PUCO

09/05-07/15   Clinic Director Portland Clinic, PUCO, Portland, OR

09/05-09/11   Primary Care Optometric Physician, Dr. Dale Ogata and Assoc., Portland, OR

05/02-08/05   Low Vision and Medical Eye Care, Vitreo-Retinal Foundation, Memphis, TN

11/97-08/05   Primary Care Optometric Physician, Dr. Andrew Clarke & Assoc., Memphis, TN

06/98-08/05   Primary Care Optometric Physician, Dr. Melanie Kiser and Assoc., Memphis, TN

10/97-08/05   Associate Professor, Southern College of Optometry, Memphis, TN

07/96-07/97   Primary Care Residency, Illinois Eye Institute, Chicago, IL

05/96              Graduation, Doctor of Optometry



2005-current Instructor of Record for Ocular Emergencies, Clinical Grand Rounds and Clinical Skills Proficiency Course. Clinical attending for 3rd Year Primary Care.


1997-2005     Assistant/Associate Professor

Instructor of Record for Anterior Segment Disease I and II

Primary Care and Ocular Disease Service Attending Optometric Physician

Southern College of Optometry

Memphis, TN


1987-1995     Teaching Assistant: Levels I and II

Introductory Biology, Anatomy/Physiology, Microbiology, Comparative Animal Physiology

Departments of Biology and Zoology, University of Manitoba and University of Waterloo



2014-2015     Investigator and site director for The Prevalence of Vitreomacular Adhesion in Patients 40 Years and Older- VAST Study

2014-2015     Investigator and site director for Reducing Adenoviral Patient Infected Days (RAPID): Pilot Randomized Trial

2004-2006     Masked examiner for ACHIEVE Study, a multi-center research project evaluating self esteem in children with respect to contact lens wear vs. glasses.

1994               Research Assistant for Dr. William Bobier - School of Optometry, University of Waterloo

1990-1993     Masters Student to Dr. Grant Pierce, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physiology, Division of Cardiovascular Science, University of Manitoba

1987-1988     Research Assistant for Dr. Gordon Robinson - Department of Botany, University of Manitoba

1988-1990     Research Assistant for Dr. Brenda Hann - Department of Zoology, University of Manitoba



2016               Clinical Teacher of the Year, PUCO

2014               Clinical Teacher of the Year, PUCO

2013               Clinical Teacher of the Year, PUCO

2010               Clinical Teacher of the Year, PUCO

2004               Teacher of the Year, SCO

2003               Didactic Teacher of the Year, SCO

2002               Faculty of the Year, SCO

2001               Teacher of the Year, SCO

2000               Clinical Teacher of the Year, SCO

1999               Clinical Teacher of the Year, SCO

1998               Clinical Teach of the Year, SCO

1996               Canadian Association of Optometristsí Award of Merit

1995               A.H. Basman Bursary

1994               Bobier/Fischer/Lyle Scholarship

                        Optometry Faculty Undergraduate Research Fund

1991-1992     Recognition for outstanding performance as a teaching assistant in

                        undergraduate laboratories

1990               International Society for Heart Research (travel award)

1985               University of Manitoba Entrance Scholarship

                        Governor General's Bronze Medallion (academic)



2015-current Faculty Development Committee

2014-2015     AOA Third Party Committee

2014-2016     CE committee for Pacific

2013-2014     University Curriculum Committee

2012-2015     Curriculum Committee

2012-2014     Governance Task Force

2011               Chair, Associate Dean Search Committee

2011               Faculty Representative to the AOA

2011               Vice Chair, Disease Section of the AAO

2011               Clinic Director Search Committee

2011               Curriculum Implementation Task Force

2010               Chair Faculty Search Committee

2008-2010     Program Chair, Disease Section, American Academy of Optometry

2008-2011     Chair, Academy Photography Contest, American Academy of Optometry

2008-2010     CE Assurance Committee Volunteer, American Academy of Optometry

05/09              ACOE Site Team Member, Residency Accreditation, Fresno, CA

10/2008          Faculty Workload Committee, PUCO

09/2008          ACOE Site Team Member, Residency Accreditation, Miami, FL

03/08              Amigos Eye Care Mission, Attending OD, Philippines

2007-2012     University Committee, Admissions and Finance, PUCO

2006-2012     Optometry Admissions Committee, PUCO

2006-2007     Clinic Director Search Committee (Chair), PUCO

2005-current BSK Faculty Advisor, Pacific University

2001-2005     Secretary/Treasurer, West Tennessee Optometric Society

1999-2005     Gold Key faculty advisor

1997-2005     Volunteer Optometric Physician, Church Health Centre, Memphis, TN

08/00-08/05   BSK Faculty Advisor, SCO

1999-2005     Yearbook committee faculty advisor

2004               Clinical Grading Committee, SCO

2000-2001     Vice Chair, Faculty, SCO

2000-2001     Chair, SACS Accreditation Survey Committee



Diplomate, American Board of Optometry

Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry

Fellow of the Optometric Glaucoma Society (Executive Board Member)

Fellow of the Optometric Retina Society (Executive Board Member)

Ocular Surface Society of Optometry

American Optometric Association

Oregon Optometric Physicians Association


Journal Editorial Board:

Advanced Ocular Care


Journal Reviewer:

Optometry and Vision Science 2010-current



Alaska (License number 347)

Oregon (License number 3149ATI)



Adult CPR

Injection certification

Laser Therapy for the Anterior Segment

Surgical Procedures for the Optometric Physician




Ongoing Contributing Editorials:

Ocular Surface News (bi-monthly): 2014-current

Primary Care Optometry News (PCON): Perspectives in Glaucoma (monthly): 2014- current


Book Chapters:

Lonsberry, Blair B, Denise Goodwin, Elizabeth Wyles, Linda Casser, Nada Lingel.  Cornea (Chapter 26).  In: Clinical Ocular Pharmacology.  Fifth Edition.   Jimmy D Bartlett and Siret D Jaanus, editors.  Butterworth-Heinemann Elsevier Inc., St. Louis, Missouri.  2008; 483-547.



Kabat, Alan, April Jasper, Blair Lonsberry, Christine Sindt. Improving the recognition of viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. Review of Optometry, March 1, 2018.


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Lonsberry, Blair B and K. Klemm.  Pigmented paravenous retinochoroidal atrophy.  SECO 2005

Lonsberry, Blair B.  Low vision management of congenital toxoplasmosis.  AOA 2003

Lonsberry, Blair B.  Ocular B-cell lymphoma.  AOA 2002

Lonsberry, Blair B and M. Utech.  Diabetic complications and the use of cosmetic contact lenses.  AOA 2001

Lonsberry, Blair B.  Differentiating astrocytic hamartoma from malignant melanoma.  AAO 2001

Lonsberry, Blair B.  Scleromalacia perforans.  SECO 2000

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Lonsberry, Blair B (co-author).  Frequency doubling perimetry and spherical blur.  AAO 1998

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Continuing Education (CE) Presentations (Invited):

2014: 75 CE presentations

2015: 68 CE presentations

2016: 65 CE presentations


Listing the various individual local, state, national and international meetings/conferences is too extensive so I provided the number of presentations I have given in the past 3 years.

Some of the notable CE programs I have been invited to speak at include:

American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting

American Optometric Association Annual Meeting

Canadian Association of Optometry national meeting

Great West Council of Optometry (GWCO)

South Eastern Council of Optometry (SECO)

Vision Expo East/West

Heart of America


South Regional Council Conference in Melbourne, Australia (first speaker to be invited back 2 years apart)

Blue Sky Conference, Adelaide, Australia

Europe Regional Medical Command-multidisciplinary CE conference (6 consecutive years)



Para-Optometric Lectures:

Making the Most out of Patient History (1-2 hours)

Triaging Ocular Emergencies and Urgencies (2 hours)

Low Vision is not Slow Vision (1 hour)

You Take a Great Photo (1 hour)

Beyond the Image: New Imaging Technologies (1 hour)

Visual Acuity (1 hour)

Pupil Testing (1 hour)

Top 10 Medications and their Ocular Side Effects (1 hour)