Incorporating Simple Predictable Implant Dentistry for the General Dentist


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Implant Dentistry has become mainstream and more General practitioners are getting involved in the surgical aspects of implant therapy. This course is designed for the general dentists who are looking to expand their scope of practice to include surgical and prosthetic aspects. While the weekend courses are sponsored by companies that focus on the mechanics of the systems, this course is not commercial and will help practitioners acquire the knowledge and science behind implant dentistry .


Course Content

• To teach the diagnostic & treatment modalities necessary to properly treat patients who are candidates for dental implant therapy.
• When to choose a bridge and when to choose an implant
• To provide an intensive overview of the state-of-the-art in implant dentistry
• To provide surgical and prosthetic sequence for simple predictable cases for routine practice
• To help the participants develop clear solutions that fit the problems and its inherent conditions encountered in the practice of implant dentistry, based upon information provided and clearly explicated reasoning.
• To be able to perform minor surgical procedures including atraumatic extractions • To choose the right materials for socket management to preserve bone.
• How to choose an appropriate implant system for your practice
• To review in detail restorative protocols for implant restorations

Learning Objectives

You will leave this course knowing how to:

• Diagnose and treat routine cases that requires implant therapy

• Manage surgical extractions with atraumatic techniques

• Develop protocols to graft sockets and use membranes

• The realities and myths surrounding growth factors and prf/prp

• Interpret cone beams and plan digitally guides and surgical templates

• Choosing an implant system suitable for the practice

• Develop a practice and procedures that make implant therapy affordable for most patients

• Practice management techniques to increase case acceptance



– Clinical Asst. Professor, Dept’s of Restorative Dent. and Periodontics, Rutgers Univ. SDM
– Past President, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
– Editorial Board, Journal of Oral Implantology
– Course Director, AAID, Maxicourse® Asia – Abu Dhabi, India & Egypt
– Private Practice limited to Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry, New Jersey
– President, Smile USA, Center for Educational Excellence, NJ
– Fellow, Greater New York Academy of Prosthodontists
– Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
– Scientific Chair, AAID Annual Meeting 2019, Las Vegas
– Co- Director, AAID – Implant Maxicourses in Las Vegas and New Jersey
– Consultant – Maxicourse Iran
– Faculty Maxicourses – Loma Linda University, Toronto, Oregon and Korea
– Former Clinical Asst. Professor – NYU College of Dentistry – PG Prosthodontics
– Lectured and conducted courses in Implants and Fixed Prosthodontics in over 30 countries
– Past President, NE District American Academy of Implant Dentistry


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