Cancellation Penalties

Please Note:
As of 4 months prior to departure, there is a $100 per cabin non-refundable application fee as well as a $100 non-refundable seminar fee.
Cruise, airline seats, & Hotels (Booked through the cruise line) are refundable as per the cancellation policy of the cruise line and/or the individual airline.

NCL’s cancellation policy is as follows:
119-91 days prior to departure date – 25% of cruise package price;
90-61 days – 50% of cruise package price;
60-31 days prior to departure date – 75% of the cruise package price,
30 days or less – 100% of Cruise Package.

Additional cancellation penalties and restrictions are applicable to suites
and additional purchases or reservations made through the cruise line on your behalf.
Airline seats purchased other than through the cruise line are non-refundable
and all restrictions and change fees are imposed by the airline.

Hotels purchased other than through the cruise line incur cancellation fees as follows:
16 weeks prior to reservations – 50% of the total, and as of 8 weeks are 100%.
As of two weeks prior to departure seminar fees are non-refundable.
Dr. Travel Seminars, LLC arranged Transfers & Tours are non-refundable upon payment.

In addition to all the above-listed penalties,
all transaction fees incurred by Dr. Travel Seminars, LLC will be deducted from any refunds.
Dr. Travel Seminars, LLC is not responsible for any services or products not provided or delivered by travel suppliers.
At the discretion of Dr. Travel Seminars, LLC, any seminar can be canceled if an insufficient number of doctors have registered.  

In order to protect your investment, and protect yourself against unforeseen expenses while on vacation,
please contact Dr. Travel Seminars, LLC, and request information on the purchase of travel insurance.

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