Deck Plans - NCL Star

For your convenience, Dr. TRAVEL SEMINARS, LLC. is providing you with these deck plans. We believe that this will aid you in choosing the accommodations that best satisfy your needs.

Stateroom with facilities for persons with disabilities. (For more information contact the Access Desk.)  Disabled

Third person occupancy available Holds 3

Stateroom equipped for hearing-impaired  Hearing Impaired

Third and/or fourth person occupancy available  Holds 4

Connecting staterooms. Great for families.  Connecting

Third, fourth and/or fifth person occupancy available  Holds 5

Stateroom with king-size bed  King Bed

Up to sixth person occupancy available Holds 6

Stateroom with queen-size bed  Queen Bed

Up to eighth person occupancy available  Holds 8

Restroom Restroom

Elevator Elevator

Stateroom with double bed  Double Bed

Inside stateroom doors open to center interior corridors and not towards balcony staterooms Inside Corridors

Deck 14

Deck 13

Deck 12

Deck 11

Deck 10

Deck 09

Deck 08

Deck 07

Deck 06

Deck 05

Deck 04

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